Hey, im froglett.
I do stuff.

Casual amphibian with edible legs.I'm froglett, im not really that known anymore but you may recognise me from communities relating to FNF or roblox. If you know me from anywhere else, you're probably a real one or have known me for multiple years.I mainly just listen to music nowadays, its my biggest interest, my favourite genres are breakcore, dnb, happy hardcore, jungle, harsh noise, power electronics, dark ambient, death industrial and a small bit of rock and punk. i dont really listen to mainstream stuff, my taste is mostly niche/obscure. (check my last.fm at the bottom of the page)I dont have any use for this site, its kinda just here for my socials and whenever i decide to post an update. (which is rare)

social media contacts/handles are down below, just click on em and it takes you to whatever the logo is.
if you need to message me, contact me through discord.