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Community Construction
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Chaos Canyon
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Santa's Winter Stronghold
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Rocket Arena
This map goes back to the basics: rockets, jetboots, and blowing up bridges. Out-maneuver your foes using your jetboots, cut off their escape by nuking the bridges, and rain doom down upon them using a rapid-fire rocket launcher. But don't fall in the lava - ouch!
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Haunted Mansion
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Glass Houses
Contemporary Town.
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Happy Home in Frogtopia
Contemporary Town: a game about collecting watches, dances, hanging out and doing odd jobs for some extra cash.
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Empty Baseplate
Tabula Rasa.
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Starting BrickBattle Map
A basic map with weapons, teams, and the leaderboard. Use this as a base to build BrickBattle maps. This map is still pretty empty - add your own scenery to personalize your battles!